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Henry (Hank) Selmer Henrickson was a first generation American born near Thief River Falls Minnesota in 1905.  He moved to Portland Oregon at age 16 and began learning the trade of ornamental plastering from Ben Smith who had a construction company.  He lived with the Smiths for years and became an outstanding plasterer and good friends with their son Bernie Smith.

In the late 1920s Hank married and continued to perfect his craft over the next 20 years.  He eventually left the B.Smith company and founded the Henrickson Plastering Company in Portland Oregon in the early 1940s and taught many returning service men and his son Hilbert (Bill) John Henrickson the business and the trade of classic ornamental plastering.  HS Henrickson Plastering became so respected and well known in the Pacific northwest that Hank was awarded many contracts on classic and iconic buildings and homes especially in and around Portland, Oregon.  In 1950 the famous Ridpath Hotel in Spokane, WA was partially destroyed by fire which led to rebuilding the historic structure and building a 13 story new tower.  

Hank and his company was chosen to do the ornamental plastering on the project and spent

several years working on it.  In fact his Son Bill(Hilbert) got married to Phyllis Jane Russell and had their 

honeymoon at the Ridpath Hotel in 1951 in the middle of this project.  

In the mid 1960s Hank asked his long time

friend Bernie to join him in Business and 

the Hernickson and SmithPlastering company

was born.  

The company continued operating until Hank died in 1977.  

Bill (Hilbert) Henrickson left the contruction business in the 1950's

and pursued a career in music, the military and medicine.

Bill's son Kelly John Henrickson  created a real estate management company in

2000 in Sussex, WI and named it Hilbert Company, LLCin honor of Kelly's father.  

Hilbert Company has built and renovated residential, commercial, and mixed use buildings.

Including, medical, research, restaurants, condos, multi-tenant buildings, and of course

single family homes.  The company also owns and manages it's own real estate

holdings.  The most recent project was the remodel of the Historic Slinger House

Pub & Grille built in 1857 in Slinger, WI..  

In 1988 Corey Smith began his trade as a carpenter in Southeast Wisconsin

(no relationship to Ben or Bernie!) and built his business (CT Smith) over the

next several decades.  Although he began building pole barns he soon 

specialized in rough and finished carpentry and moved into large and small 

remodeling projects, home building and especially custom cabinetry.  His

extensive experience designing homes and cabinets and his ability to work

closely with home owners led to him being recognized as one of the finest 

builders in Southeast Wisconsin.  In 2011 Hilbert Company acquired CT Smith

construction ensuring the continuation of the fine traditions Kelly's grandfather

and father established.   

Jennifer Dexter joined Hilbert Company in 2012 as their General Manager

and works diligently to ensure happy customers.  In 2014 Corey's brother

Mitch Smith joined the Hilbert Company team as an independent contractor

to enhance and respond to the increasing business of the cabinetry shop. 

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